Memorable Moments…..for me.

My trip to Disneyland Paris:-) 🙂 🙂

Cleaning away the dust from the ancient attic, I stumbled upon some old photographs. Brushing away, the somewhat huge amount of dust, I saw the photos and the memory of our trip to Disneyland Paris suddenly came back, and before I knew it my surroundings were floating away.

The sky was as blue as the sea, and the sun shone like a piece of crystal. I was besieged by several rides, as I glanced around my eyes caught the ride I was looking for . My eyes could do nothing but stay fixed on the ride. “ Blue Mountain ” the most scariest ride in all of Disneyland. My Dad could see my eagerness, and the next thing I knew we were hopping on, me with my usual spring in my step,  and my Dad just sauntering along. As we got on, I could see a dark tunnel. Then…………whoosh we were off!!!

To me it felt as if we were going faster than the speed of sound. We stopped with a sudden jerk, as we started to reverse and suddenly we were hanging upside-down. Before we knew it, we were off again and the lights were flashing past as if we had been through a blast of inferno colours. Now we were going through loops, my stomach felt queasy! We also went through other various encounters which were : hills, twists and turns, drops and tunnels; and then it was all over. How I wish I could do it all over again!

It is one of my most memorable experiences…….I’m sure you have had similar one’s too!!!


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