My first taste of the “Indoor League” competition

It was an ordinary Sunday morning for most people. However, for me, it was a very special and exciting day. I had been waiting for this day to take place for the past few weeks. It was the first match of the Indoor League and I was feeling fairly nervous about whether I would play well though! I felt as if there was a huge procrastination for the match to being but, according to the match schedule, we had started on time.

I felt as if there was a huge procrastination for the match to begin, but, according to the match schedule, we had started on time.

Bowling the first over

As always, my Captain decided that I should bowl the first over. So I took the ball from the Coach and slowly walked towards my bowling crease – with an air of nervousness around me. I looked at the batsman who played for the local county. However, I knew he hated in swing and could not face it, so – as I was running into bowl, I had my eye on the off-stump. With the seam facing slightly towards the right-hand side; as I ran in with full pace and a spring in my step I angled my arm in slightly so that the seam would swing in even more. The ball landed in line with the off-stump and moved in, so as to be in line with the middle stump. The batsmen tried to play straight drive and top edged it, and it went soaring into the air like an aeroplane taking off. There was no reason to worry though, as our wicket-keeper has an extremely reliable pair of hands in situations such as this. Five seconds later, the ball was in his gloves. I was elated at the fact that on the first ball I had taken the first wicket. I could not believe my eyes! The batsman was walking back to the pavilion. The second ball was a dot ball (the batsman did not score a run). However, the third ball was another good ball and the batsman chipped the ball up straight to mid-on who took a simple catch. And then, on the final ball, I decided to bowl a yorker, bowling as fast as I could. The decision paid off and I was rewarded with another wicket.

My first experience of batting in the “Indoor League” Competition

I walked into bat at number 4 – my favourite position to bat in, after opening – and was facing an easy spinner who I knew would bowl a few wides which would gain me at least 2 runs. The ball pitched off the pitch – a massive wide – and barely spun in, passing the outside edge of my bat. I was given two runs – as the rules of the Indoor League differ from the outdoor rules. The next ball was again a wide giving me another two runs. However, I believe, there was a controversial decision which proclaimed me out. It began like this. The ball was a wide and my back foot was well inside the crease – or so I thought – and the ball rebounded off the right-hand glove of the wicket-keeper and hit the stumps – supposedly being a stumping. However, first of all, I thought that the ball had to be in the wicket-keeper’s glove to complete a stumping. However, in this occasion, the ball had rebounded off the glove of the wicket keeper and had hit the stumps, when – my second point, I was sure my backfoot was deep inside the crease. And so I was given out stumped for four runs. So I reluctantly returned to the pavilion. I was extremely indignant about this controversial decision – but, I could not review this decision or argue against the umpire’s controversial decision, but, I was supported and sympathised by the members of my team, who agreed with me about this odd decision.

Celebrating the first win of the season

However, even though I was dismissed for only four runs, the other members of our team batted extremely well and we comfortably managed to win the game. It was a moment of great elation for all of my team and there was screaming and shouting all around!!! I was extremely satisfied with my bowling performance – as I contributed three wickets, however, there was still a lot to be desired with my batting and I knew I would have to make a comeback with it if I wanted my place to remain in the team.


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