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Winter is a time…

Winter is a time when all the freezing parents rush home to be invited by their loving children and a warm fire. A time when all the animals take a well-earned rest after working so hard during the Summer, Spring and Autumn. It is a time when the plants disappear under the ground and replacing them – snow. It is a time when people receive presents(Christmas) from a rather large, plump man with a huge sack, sleigh and reindeer – or so we assume. It is a time when we celebrate the end of the year with a party, fireworks, a countdown and friends. Winter is a magical time where people rejoice in harmony.

Winter is also a sign that Spring is returning, and when it does the animals will awaken from their deep slumber and return to their laborious jobs.

However, Winter is not perfect. The dull, grey clouds fill the day with gloom, making sure that all children wishing to go outside are restricted. The once green canopy covering the branches of the leaves, fall away onto the floor leaving the poor trees bare and cold.

Winter is a time when many people sit inside, on a cold night, by the heart of a warm fire drinking a steaming hot mug of coca. What a perfect time! However, during the mundane day, people laze about with a feeling of gloom inside. How boring!

Winter is a time when people rejoice and laze. What else can we do!

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