My book review of “Wonder” by R.J Palacio

From Anshi’s desk……….

Wonder, R.J Palacio’s debut book, is set around a 10-year-old boy called August “Auggie”. August is not an ordinary boy, not in the sense that he has many idiosyncrasies, but in the sense that he doesn’t look very ordinary. August Pullman was born with mandibulofacial dysostosis, which makes his face appear deformed. His eyes are placed in the middle of his cheeks, his ears are little holes in the side of his head, although he can surprisingly hear from them. In most cases people whose ears aren’t properly formed are deaf, however, Auggie can hear – with some difficulty – which resulted in him wearing bionic hearing aids. August has a few childhood friends which he has known since he was a baby. He is really close to his childhood friends and even though one of them moved away to Bridgeport(Christopher) August and his family still manage to come over to Christopher’s home a few times a year – mostly on traditional occasions – and August and Christopher have a blast!!! Of course, Auggie has more friends but, they aren’t as close to him as Christopher. They are mainly the kind of people that you get along with, despite the fact that he had been invited to their parties, he hadn’t seen them in a long time.

August has been homeschooled for his entire life, but at the age of 10, his Mum decided that she could only teach him a limited amount and that if he were to go to school his knowledge would expand greatly. So one day whilst August was playing with Christopher  his mother was discussing the idea with Christopher’s mother. Unfortunately for Isabel (August’s mother), August overheard the word school and rushed into the room. “What were you talking about ? ” he questioned with an interrogating voice.                           “Auggie, do you think you’re ready for school ? ” Isabel answered and questioned at the same time. “No!”, August replied decisively.                                                                                            “You should tell him what you were thinking, Isabel,” said Nate(August’s father) nervously.”Auggie, I can only teach you so much, you know how bad I am at fractions,” she said with a melancholy facial expression. August hated the idea of him having to go to school, but deep down he knew she was right, Mom really was terrible at fractions.

I believe that the story revolves around August – the main character – a special child who is trying to live an ordinary life at fit into society and, like most of us when starting a new school – make friends.

This story is based on reality as R.J Palacio’s and her own sons saw a boy who was facially different. So I believe that – after reading this book – we should treat all people mutually no matter what they look like or who they are.

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