My first trip to Wales

Anshi’s desk…

This story begins at my house…….. It was an ordinary Friday; I had just arrived from my weekly cricket training session to find my entire family packing their suitcases. I was bemused! I was trying to comprehend why everyone was packing; it wasn’t as if we were going anywhere this half-term. So I decided to ask my Mum. After, I had heard what she said I could not stop smiling – I was extremely elated to hear that we were going on a family holiday to Aberystwyth in Wales!!!

Off to Wales

The journey to Wales was tiresome and tedious; however, this was no surprise as Wales is situated on the other side of the country. However, we did have a few breaks, and once we had arrived in Wales, we took a wrong turn and ended up taking a long de-tour of Snowdonia, but it didn’t matter as we were surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Welsh mountains. The mountains appeared speckled with white spots on them – from afar -guess what! these were sheep grazing all over them. Eventually, we did arrive in Aberystwyth and that was the main thing.

The visit to the Castle  

Once we had arrived, we were warmly greeted by Mausaji (my maternal Uncle), who asked us – if we weren’t too tired – and whether we would like to go to the beach. Well, the proposition seemed far too exciting to refuse……so, we all immediately agreed and decided we would visit the local beach after a quick break and of course a cuppa tea for my parents. Once we were all refreshed, we headed towards the beach. We arrived and completely forgot about the beach, as we gazed in awe at a majestic (though partly dilapidated) castle. Its is known as the “Aberystwyth Castle”. A major tourist attraction in this part of the world.We decided to abandon the beach and go to the castle instead. Once we arrived at the top of the hill, as the castle was located at the top of a steep hill, we looked down and before our eyes there appeared a magnificent view.

People were  lying on the soft sand of the beach, whilst others were  plunging into the sea and a few were indulging themselves in a barbeque on the beach.

The adventure at the Castle

My little sister and I had a small adventure at the castle. I’m sure, if you ask her she will give you a long and detailed description….. which might be a bit exaggerated, so let me describe it for you. Little sis’ and I like exploring, so we decided to take a look around the castle. It was at this moment of time, when I stumbled upon something spectacular. Lo behold….I had found a secret passageway!!!! I noticed a little hole in a wall that looked like it had been created by bombs hitting it (the Castle had been used as a base during a war.) So, I decided to take a look and I found a set of spiral stairs leading into darkness. I climbed up filled with excitement but also a bit scared as I slowly crept, engulfed by the darkness. I came to the top of one of the four towers. It was a momentous and adventurous occasion and I shall always treasure it’s memories!!!

The toy Train

The next day we decided to ride on a toy train. We arrived at the Vale of Rheidol which is the train station for the toy train. We quickly bought the tickets and hopped onto the train with a spring in our step. It was now when Timmy got frightened. Since the train was a steam train when the driver was about to go he would blow the whistle notifying all the passengers that he was going, however, Timmy’s ears did not find this sound pleasant at all. She screamed in shock and ran as fast as her little legs would carry her to me. Now, being next to me, she wasn’t scared so we had an amazing time. The views that we saw were magnificent, there were mountains surrounding us with one odd house in the middle of nowhere. Once we had arrived at the next station we had 2 hours to spare till the train that took us back home, so Mausaji took us to this place where you had to climb down a mountain (there were steps although they were extremely steep and jagged so it was very difficult) right next to a waterfall and then – once you had reached the bottom you had to climb back up on the other side of the mountain next to the same waterfall and that to it felt like we were in a jungle as all that the eye could see was trees. We were beleaguered by trees!!!  It was very difficult and I got frightened quite a bit. Going down was very hard, especially Jacobs Ladder, there were a set of steep steps leading to a path at the bottom. It was so petrifying that I could not let go of the rail!! But my Mum was terrific she did at lightning speed and didn’t even hold on!!!! It was miraculous. We have many photos so if you would like to see them, you would have to speak to my Dad!

The trip to the lake

Our trip to the lake was amazing however, I had an encounter with a sheep that was so hilarious that you would not stop laughing P.S: I am now an enemy of sheep. We all wanted to see as much of the amazing Welsh scenery as possible so, we went to a beautiful lake – in Machynlleth – that was surrounded by mountains. There was one mountain that looked more majestic than the others and I eagerly wanted to try to climb it. But, climbing a mountain is not as easy as it seems, it is exceptionally hard, but anyway, I climbed over a fence and started to climb. I reached a fair distance when… I saw it… the sheep. Immediately after I had seen the sheep my Dad insisted I touch it. I was terrified!!! I had only ever touched a sheep in farms when they were inside a fence; I approached it cautiously trying as hard as I could to make sure it couldn’t hear me. But it spun round and stared at me with its black beady eyes. I immediately decided that I didn’t want to climb the mountain anymore, and with other sheep approaching I swiftly climbed down the mountain and leapt over the fence (that separated the mountain from the rest of the area) as quickly as I could.

King Arthur’s labyrinth

Our visit to King Arthur’s labyrinth was absolutely amazing! There was no other way to describe it. We decided to go there specifically because, my school play was based on King Arthur. Once we had arrived we went to the reception to book our tickets. Whilst my parents, and Mausaji, were occupied buying the tickets I decided to take a look at the sword Excalibur. It was exactly the same as the one’s I had seen on television. Now it was time to go to the boat which would take us to the labyrinth. We arrived to find a huge boat and with it a man dressed as a ghost, he was to be our guide. The boat took us deep under the mountain and we arrived at the labyrinth. Then, we heard many stories about how King Arthur became king. I also found that, as a boy, Merlin was kidnapped; he was kidnapped because people thought he had magic powers, which of course, he did, but, at that time he had know clue that he had any powers. So, Merlin tried with all his might to make something happen but nothing came. But then, something did happen, he foretold that one day there would be a King named Arthur who would save England. So, the men didn’t kill him. And since then Merlin found he had more powers than just telling the future – he could do magic!!! Our guide also told us that the labyrinth that we were stood in had once been a mine and over 10, 000 people used to work there. The mine is 28 miles long so he made extremely clear to keep up otherwise we would be difficult to find. It was an amazing experience and I shall always remember it.

So folk, that was a complete recount of my trip to Wales;  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed the adventurous experience!!!!


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