The lavish food of India !!!

From Anshi’s desk……..

I’ve always loved the exotic taste of homemade Indian food. The exquisite texture, the delectable smell, the toothsome feeling when the burst of flavours touches the tip of your tongue. I have always loved watching and helping my marvelous mother cook dinner.

I’ve always adored gazing at the steam rising from the cooker, the popping of the pan as mustard seeds get fried with curry leaves, the smell of the perfect blend between ginger and garlic. My favourite Indian foods are: chicken curry( Kashmiri style), Lamb curry (Kashmiri style), Kashmiri Dumaloo and Aloo Parantha.

I love these foods because of there amazing taste; take Dumaloo for example, I endear it because of it’s disconcerting taste – the magical taste of the spice which makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a purgatory of flavour and spice; as you may have noticed I relish Indian flavours.


Lamb Roganjosh is my favourite dish because of its smell, taste, and it’s absolutely sublime texture.

This is how I feel about the absolutely, stupendous authentic Indian food; and I certainly hope you do too!


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