The Hollow Room – A short gothic tale…

From Anshi’s Desk…

It was a peculiarly dark night, one which was not predicted by weather reporters at all. From this particular moment in time, it struck me that something was wrong. I did not wish to ponder much longer upon the subject, since I wanted to keep a positive spirit about me, as seeing the reviews of this hotel, I knew that what was to come was going to be very, very dark…

I arrived at the mansion at 6 O’Clock. I stood and watched it lie there, deteriorating, desolate. Vines hung from the walls, vultures circled around the building. There was an eery silence around this house, no birds chirping, no trees swaying. The atmosphere at this vile building seemed dark and secretive. There was something very ominous about this house, something which I could not quite put my finger on. However, thinking logically and methodically, I kept my spirit up, and ignored all of the features of the house, praying whatever lay inside was much nicer than this. “Looks can be deceiving,” I repeated to myself as I approached an ancient wooden door. I knocked three times, inhaling a lung full of dust as I did so. Suddenly, I felt a creak under my feet, and a colony of bats flew away from the dark ceiling of the patio. I waited for approximately two minutes, constantly reassuring myself that everything would be okay. I heard a creaking sound, and the door slowly gave way.. From a quick glance I saw nothing, except darkness surrounding the interior of the building. Then, I turned my head and focused my eyes upon the man who had opened the door. He seemed archaic, covered in wrinkles, with three teeth which were so brown, it was as if someone had covered them in chocolate sauce. He looked as though he was going to collapse any second. He smelt of devilled eggs, and something he was wearing was rotting. One feature of his which frightened me were his piercing blue eyes, staring straight at me.

“Good Evening,” I managed to cough up, “My name is…”
“It don’t matter what your name is,” he interrupted, with a strong Irish accent, “Get inside! We can’t have you standing out in the cold like ‘at,”
and with that, I wandered inside, cautiously. Now, I could make out a spiral staircase. Cold eyed statues of gargoyles surrounded an open area. Every bit of furniture was covered in decay. At this point, I didn’t think I was going to survive the night.
“I’ll show you to the ‘Ollow room,” he whispered, with a spine-chilling smile.
I noticed a painting of a lady hanging in the corner of the room, it seemed to match the archaic features of everything else in this place.

“The Hollow room?” I said, “What’s the Hollow Room?” From a distance I made out a high pitched cackle, and I saw on old lady, standing at the top of the spiral staircase, even more ugly than the old man. “The ‘Ollow room,” she said, “Was her ladyship’s favourite room.” After a short walk filled with creaks, cobwebs surrounding every corner, and the occasional black cat pouncing at onto the hallway, we had arrived at the ‘Hollow Room’. It was a dusty room, filled with filth and decay, as most rooms in this house were, and I heard the soft sound of scuttling insects. However, in this room, their were many stuffed animals, the only creatures I could be sure wouldn’t pounce on me. However, after contemplating about the creatures, they seemed very life like… At that moment, the door creaked shut, and I heard the click of the lock. I understood everything now! Why of all hotels did I choose to inspect this one! They were going to turn me into a stuffed human! As everything clicked into place, I slowly turned to face the animals. That must have been the decaying smell! They were all real animals! Lightning struck outside and the wind howled as dark clouds circled over the house.

I knew then, my life was over, I would remain trapped here forever, never to be seen again…



The Football World Cup 2018

From Anshi’s desk…

Recently, all around the World, the time has once again arrived. It is the World Cup, although I have no interest in this topic whatsoever, I have been following the tournament, as my parents have forced me to watch the games. This event has infected the World so much, that there is a competition being held within my class about this particular topic. Each and every person is assigned an international team, and has to support this team throughout the tournament. If your assigned team wins, you are awarded a prize.

Throughout the tournament, many emotions have flooded through, some overjoyed, and others, extremely disappointing. In recent Argentinian matches, Lionel Messi has not been in form, and this has been proven through the results. Whereas, young Belgian players have been scoring their first ever international goals, and are in the prime of their youth.

In this particular post, rather than focusing on the players, I have decided to dedicate this post to the referees, who judge the decisions during the matches. I believe that the referees are highly neglected and underrated, the amount of abuse they face, not only from the players, but from the millions of people watching, is upsetting. However, what is more disheartening, is the fact that nobody ever gives it a second thought.

It is very difficult, not only from a physical point of view, but also from a mental aspect, to be a referee. In intense matches when decisions are tight, stress levels are off the scale, and all the players are screaming at them, it can be very tough to absorb all the information surrounding them, and have a clear judgment as to what to decide. Not to mention, the physical standards they are expected to reach. For the players themselves, it is not difficult to reach these standards, as they are equipped with the best facilities and the best coaches and physical trainers available. However, for a referee this may be difficult.

To conclude, I would like to say, that no matter what position you are in, no matter how successful you are, there is no point disrespecting or abusing another person, for they may have a much tougher job than you, not to mention the extenuating circumstances they may be going through, which you are not aware of.

After all, looks can be deceiving!!!

My new phrase

From Anshi’s desk…

“Making a crumb into a plate of food.”

I was pondering upon a particular subject which I am not obliged to say, and to summarise my point, I created this quote. Tell me what you think…

Psychology – a new interest….

From Anshi’s Desk…….

This blog post begins in July 2017, at my secondary school, towards the end of the academic year. There was a large assembly of parents, governors, teachers, esteemed guests e.t.c.

I was in a row with a few other prize winners from my year. The entire row was full of nervousness yet bustling with excitement.  Then my name was called; it was a memorable and momentous occasion for me and my family. I walked onto the stage and was warmly greeted by the special guest and headmaster; I felt honoured and proud to walk on that stage. I was handed my award and I walked around the entire hall – which was fairly large – and was followed by a round of applause before I sat. I was exhilarated, however, exhausted at the same time. It was a rather peculiar feeling, but all I can say is that I loved all of it.

The next morning, I opened my award. It was a Waterstones gift card. I was satisfied with my award as I could spend it on anything I wanted. I immediately began looking various books about psychology – as that was one of my many interests. Although I had never studied Psychology before, I had always had a particular interest in how the human body and the brain react to different scenarios. Maybe it was because I had watched many neuroscience documentaries that I just developed an interest? I don’t wish to ponder upon this subject for much longer as I believe it would take an entire day to even come close to the answer.

Whilst I was scouring the internet, I came across this book about Psychology that gave great ideas simple explanations. I thought that this was just the book I required, as I was just dipping my toe into psychology; I did not need something extremely complicated and in-depth as I did not believe that I was at that level of understanding.

As I read, I found the ideas of the book extremely interesting as the basic ideas of the science have now developed into such huge concepts. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in psychology, aged 10+. Here is an image of the book.

Image result for The psychology book

The Well

A short story…

From  Anshi’s  desk…

I was walking on the local moors, deep in thought, when I stumbled upon a well.

I almost fell in!!!

Something “ominous” was down there!!!

There was a glowing lamp and an extremely high pitched voice screaming in desperation, “Help! Please help me!” Buster began growling angrily. I took my torch out of my pocket and leaned to see who or what was down there.

When suddenly……….a cold, wet hand grabbed me and I plummeted down into a world of darkness…

It was freezing…. And I felt as though I was about to starve to death. I cautiously gazed around my surroundings to find a shadow amid the darkness. The young boy had a hopeless face. As if he had no hope of finding a solution to this difficult dilemma, his torn clothes revealed his painful grazes and scars. He was so lean it seemed as if he had not eaten a proper meal in weeks. I instantaneously remembered that I had breadsticks in my pocket – I used them to feed the birds. “Would you like a bread stick?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood, since we both knew that unless a miracle occurred we had no chance of getting out. He nodded eagerly. I took a couple out my pocket and gave him one whilst munching on one myself. He devoured them like a greedy pig, as I had expected. He slowly released his clenched fist and pushed his hand forward, asking for more. I gave him some more; however, this time he ate with some manners, not like that greedy pig I first laid eyes on.         It finally occurred to me that I had brought my phone along in the case of an emergency!       I removed it from its stationary position and swiftly dialed 999 – the emergency number – and said to the emergency services, “My friend and I are stuck down an old well”.

We waited for approximately 15 minutes, because the well was fairly rural, until we saw a ladder… finally!! We climbed and were helped up the well. I left the boy alone and ran home as fast as my long legs would carry me….


Once I reached home, I was warmly greeted by my Mum, who, seeing me in such a state, asked what had happened; and after a soothing warm drink, I told her the story. After hearing about this she turned on the television to find that the boy who had been in the well with me had been rescued after five days!!!! The next morning we began a campaign to destroy all the old wells across the moors so that no such incident ever occurred again….

The Solar Eclipse is coming!!

From Anshi’s Desk…..

As you most probably know, tomorrow there is going to be a Solar Eclipse. If you did not know a Solar Eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, whereby you cannot see the Sun. Hence, the name Solar Eclipse(you cannot see the Sun). Here is some more information:

A solar eclipse can only take place when the moon is aligned with the Earth and Sun whereby the moon is blocking us from seeing the Sun. However, that does not mean we can only see the Moon as the moon does not actually give light. The only reason we can see the Moon is because it reflects light from the Sun. But, now that it has no light to reflect, apart from parts of the edges we cannot see the Moon apart from – as I already stated – the edges, so it looks like a black circle. All of this can also be explained in a diagram.

Image result for solar eclipse diagram

However, it also depends on where you live. If you live in the North or South poles then you will see more of the Sun, as explained in the diagram, however, if you live in the middle of Earth then you will not see as much, if any, Sun.

Here are some images of a Solar Eclipse:

Image result for solar eclipse                  Image result for solar eclipse

So, there you have it, a few facts about the Solar Eclipse. I hope you enjoy the Solar Eclipse tomorrow, but make sure if you are going out tomorrow, then you are wearing protective eyewear to ensure that you do not damage your eyes because while it is safe to go outside, if you are not cautious you can damage your eyes.

My first experience of Camping

From Anshi’s Desk….

Day 1

For most people, it was an ordinary Friday morning; however, for 144 pupils of my secondary school, it was the beginning of a trip to the Peak District! Why? Because our school had decided to let us go camping for our year-end residential trip.

I arrived at school at the specified time of 7.30 am; I was bustling with excitement with my father comfortably ambling along. We reached the school field, the specified place of departure, along with the other pupils all ready to go!

After the three and a half journey with a quick 15-minute break at the service station, we had finally arrived at the camp site! After unpacking in our tents and a spot of lunch we were ready to head off to our afternoon activities. My first activity was river-rafting in which our task was to create our own raft and sail it across one side of a rather large reservoir and then back. After we had secured our raft, we pushed it into the reservoir and sailed across using oars to propel ourselves forward. After we had completed the task properly, we put our practice to the test. We now had to race another group to one side of the reservoir and back. It was an extremely tight race – there were only a few seconds between the winner and the loser – but our raft touched land first and therefore we had won the competition! After changing from our wetsuits, a very awkward experience, we left for dinner. After dinner, we had time to ourselves until curfew at 10 O’clock. Our tent decided to have a sleeping bag war! We all climbed into our sleeping bags and stood up. The aim of the game was to knock over everyone else and be the last person standing. Here’s the story:

Everyone had been knocked out apart from me and my friend, we were moving in circles and suddenly I jumped at him and his immediate reaction was to fall over and so I was king! Then, we all reluctantly entered our sleeping bags, as instructed by our teachers, and so we went to bed……

Day 2

I woke up to find everyone else sleepily arousing from their slumber, and as we left for breakfast, we were all excited to find out what our activities were. After breakfast, we found out from our instructor that we were going ‘weaselling’. Weaselling is climbing over, through and under lots of different sized boulders, nooks and crannies. It was extremely hard to climb through but I just about managed to do so! Then after an expeditious lunch break, our team headed off to ‘Bush Craft’.

Bush Craft is the art of surviving in the wilderness using only the natural resources encompassing you.

We lit fires using flint and steel, and I found a flawless method to make sure that I acquired a spark each time!!

Then, we created a group fire use small twigs e.t.c to ignite the huge flame and then started to add larger sticks to make the fire grow whilst also providing oxygen as an oxidising substance.

After dinner, we had free time to ourselves, just like last night, and today the pupils in our tent decided to play ‘go fish!’ a particular card game. In this game the aim is to make as many sets(packs of four) as you can using the 5 cards you are given.

Day 3

The entire day was spent on the journey home………




The “roti and curry” song

From Anshi’s desk……

Roti, roti,

Never much naan when we go roti,

I pray to have a nice curry,

I pray, I pray,

And that’s why  I need some white rice,

And a helping of curry,

Every time that I go,

I keep taking more till I explode !!!!!

My first taste of the “Indoor League” competition

It was an ordinary Sunday morning for most people. However, for me, it was a very special and exciting day. I had been waiting for this day to take place for the past few weeks. It was the first match of the Indoor League and I was feeling fairly nervous about whether I would play well though! I felt as if there was a huge procrastination for the match to being but, according to the match schedule, we had started on time.

I felt as if there was a huge procrastination for the match to begin, but, according to the match schedule, we had started on time.

Bowling the first over

As always, my Captain decided that I should bowl the first over. So I took the ball from the Coach and slowly walked towards my bowling crease – with an air of nervousness around me. I looked at the batsman who played for the local county. However, I knew he hated in swing and could not face it, so – as I was running into bowl, I had my eye on the off-stump. With the seam facing slightly towards the right-hand side; as I ran in with full pace and a spring in my step I angled my arm in slightly so that the seam would swing in even more. The ball landed in line with the off-stump and moved in, so as to be in line with the middle stump. The batsmen tried to play straight drive and top edged it, and it went soaring into the air like an aeroplane taking off. There was no reason to worry though, as our wicket-keeper has an extremely reliable pair of hands in situations such as this. Five seconds later, the ball was in his gloves. I was elated at the fact that on the first ball I had taken the first wicket. I could not believe my eyes! The batsman was walking back to the pavilion. The second ball was a dot ball (the batsman did not score a run). However, the third ball was another good ball and the batsman chipped the ball up straight to mid-on who took a simple catch. And then, on the final ball, I decided to bowl a yorker, bowling as fast as I could. The decision paid off and I was rewarded with another wicket.

My first experience of batting in the “Indoor League” Competition

I walked into bat at number 4 – my favourite position to bat in, after opening – and was facing an easy spinner who I knew would bowl a few wides which would gain me at least 2 runs. The ball pitched off the pitch – a massive wide – and barely spun in, passing the outside edge of my bat. I was given two runs – as the rules of the Indoor League differ from the outdoor rules. The next ball was again a wide giving me another two runs. However, I believe, there was a controversial decision which proclaimed me out. It began like this. The ball was a wide and my back foot was well inside the crease – or so I thought – and the ball rebounded off the right-hand glove of the wicket-keeper and hit the stumps – supposedly being a stumping. However, first of all, I thought that the ball had to be in the wicket-keeper’s glove to complete a stumping. However, in this occasion, the ball had rebounded off the glove of the wicket keeper and had hit the stumps, when – my second point, I was sure my backfoot was deep inside the crease. And so I was given out stumped for four runs. So I reluctantly returned to the pavilion. I was extremely indignant about this controversial decision – but, I could not review this decision or argue against the umpire’s controversial decision, but, I was supported and sympathised by the members of my team, who agreed with me about this odd decision.

Celebrating the first win of the season

However, even though I was dismissed for only four runs, the other members of our team batted extremely well and we comfortably managed to win the game. It was a moment of great elation for all of my team and there was screaming and shouting all around!!! I was extremely satisfied with my bowling performance – as I contributed three wickets, however, there was still a lot to be desired with my batting and I knew I would have to make a comeback with it if I wanted my place to remain in the team.

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